The story behind the formation of The Sky Blue Sky is a as unique as their instrumentation. Michael Robertson (Guitar and Vocals) and Ron "Rosco" Selley (Harmonica and Vocals) live in Mid-Michigan Michigan while Daniel Patrick (Mandolin and Vocals) resides in Charleston, South Carolina. These long time friends also played together in a regionally popular band, until Daniel moved south. As time moved on, all three guys recorded solo CDs and began playing shows across the country together as a way to hang out, make music and travel. After one gig at legendary venue The Ark, in Ann Arbor, they were standing at the merch table, watching people debate on which of the 3 CDs they should purchase, when a light bulb went off. All of the songs they were performing were different versions than what were on their individual releases and one of the most popular songs they performed (a cover of The Seldom Scene's "Wait A Minute") wasn't even available to purchase. That was when they decided to spend the winter recording their debut release the self titled "The Sky Blue Sky". This release is coming just before the band's performances this summer at the No'r East'r Festival in Michigan and the the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass festival.